About Us



 We are you. We are parents who pay careful attention to the early stages of development in our toddler. We were however disappointed in the availability of quality, affordable and challenging tools for our little one. So we began our search, only to find the abundance of mind-numbing toys and digital products that add no value to your precious one's development. This journey led us to sourcing and handpicking selected 'tools' that we were happy to put in the hands of our 2 year old. You will notice that we do not use the word 'toy' on our site as we truly believe that every single of our items are tools to help your little ones grow and develop ahead of their curve while still having loads of stimulating fun.

The name Cleva Poppy is the pet name for our little boy who surprises us everyday with his passion for learning new things and having fun while doing it. One of the key things we learnt was the minimisation of digitial consumption at an early age and hence we truly believe in physical and mental play using educational tools to assist. According to the American Association of Paediatrics (AAP), infants under the age of 18 months should not be watching TV or screens as this hampers early childhood development rather than enhance it. Applying these learnings we truly believe that physical play is the best way to enhance your precious one's development in these early stages.